Coping illness



4 thoughts on “Coping illness

  1. The problem is that medical science refuses to consider that they might be wrong, the psychiatrists and the psychologists, and the neuro people, they try and find a physical cause for a so called condition of depression, hell there is no scale, no degree, no way to describe the feeling you have.

    This frustration for me of not having a way to scale my depression leaves me so angry, I wish I could say it is a 5 day or a 2 day, 5 being ready to kill myself, 2 would like to kill myself, just not today…

    Most days it is a 5 for me, the only reason I am still here, is that I simply have yet to have a jolly good reason to reach a 6 on the scale, 6 would be the snapping point, the point at which I have broken through the barrier that keeps me alive, mentally.

    Mental health study is such a waste of time for most if not all medical students, and in the end, it is always a shock when someone goes and offs themselves, yet for weeks, months, if not every minute of the patients life, they have been wanting to say it is a 5 day, then at that moment, there seems no way of explaining, suddenly, like sudden onset Heart Attack, they go from a 1 day to a 6 day, and that is all they wrote…

    Just a thought, I keep praying for a 6 day…

  2. The longer I live, the more it becomes apparent just how ill I really am, every day feels like it is my last day, then I sleep, hoping to die, wake up and I am still not dead, nothing changes.

    Maybe it is time now for suicide, after all I have exhausted all other options, tried this, tried that, the medications are useless, the pain is unbearable….I have tried and tried to hold on, I have run out of strength to keep fighting…

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