Why do I always cry? At least once a week I will tear up or start sobbing…just out of the blue…what’s wrong with me?! 😦



12 thoughts on “Cry

  1. My doctor tells me, crying is actually healing. It ‘activates’ same brain chemistry as you need to ‘feel’, ‘happy’…I personally feel better after a good cry! Haven’t read much of your blog, thanks for sharing…helps me not fee so alone!!!…lol
    Love Ziggy

  2. nothing! i feel the same way.. sometimes we just need to let out our emotions..feel better

  3. Releasing tears is a physical form of releasing emotional blockages within us. The blockage may be small and minor, or they even be substantial.

    So, tears are good. Very good. They are a sign of internal growth, of letting go of one thing to reach for a better thing.

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