Can’t stop crying. Can’t think straight. Can’t stop shaking. Can’t cope.


17 thoughts on “Can’t.

  1. Hey, just want you to know you are not alone… even in these moments when we feel like we are, there are lots of people, both that we know and strangers, that are around.

      • You are welcome :o)

        I remember moments sat in a busy bustling open office surrounded by friends and colleagues, all of them nice people, and feeling very very alone.

        Took a while to realise and convince myself that I really am not alone…

        …and neither are you…

        So set yourself a little easy win goal… like make a cup of magic tea (I love cups of tea and truly believe they have a magic about… just think of all the conversations that have happened over a cuppa)…

        It can be that first little step on the road to much better things ;o)

  2. Josephhj’s advice is sound. I suffer from major depressive episodes (bipolar) and I do know how you are feeling right now. Even when I was a teenager, surrounded by my parents and siblings, I felt isolated, segregated, divided from them somehow. No-one cared etc.

    You might have heard this all before, and I’m sorry if you have; I know what that’s like too.

    Aim to do things which will please you. The feeling of self-worth and reward will work wonders. I try to help people out as much as possible, be it through voluntary work, charity fundraising or just as simple as holding a door open for somebody. To see someone grateful that you are there, will surely brighten your day. But do things you enjoy too, be selfish in that respect, because they’re the things that will surely make you happy. 🙂

    Take care.

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