The Afflicted

This is a poem from http:// and I think it summaries and captures some of the feelings of depression very well. All credit goes to them. 


“You may wonder how I feel
A long sufferer of depression
So I thought I would illustrate
The pain of this affliction

You lie awake most of the nights
Your mind it keeps on going
And though your bedroom lights are out
You self-hatred is glowing

The next morning you wake up tired
Your eyes they burn from sleep
You find it hard to get right up
Your loathing runs so deep.

And all the time the peeps they ask
“How are you, all okay?”
although the answer’s never true
I never like to say.

But deep inside the pain it hurts
My 5HT, depleted
My feelings are of self loathing
With circles of conceited

I cannot say I’m proud of me
There”s nothing I could highlight
At least though my balls remain
And I’ve never picked up Twilight.”


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