Managing depression


Managing Depression

Depression is a recognised clinical condition. You can’t just “try and pull yourself together” … or “snap out of it” … or “get over it”. However, there are a few things that may help improve your mood so it may be worth giving them a try. For example,

1. We know that exercise changes brain chemistry and acts a natural antidepressant – so why not go for a walk or a run.

2. Hanging out with people who accept and love us is often a comfort when we’re feeling depressed. But make sure it’s someone who’s generally upbeat as a critical person will make you feel worse!

3. Make yourself do something you used to enjoy as often this can stir buried pleasant feelings. It shifts your focus from pain and emptiness to something that may give you a sense of joy (even it’s muted or relatively mild).

4. Make sure you go outside, and your surroundings are well lit, as this helps to lessen our feelings of depression (especially if you suffer from SAD).

5. Take a bath or shower, and put on some clean clothes. Surprisingly, this often can improve our mood.

6. Tidy up or clean – even if it’s just one corner – as that can bring a sense of accomplishment.


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