Waking up every day seems like a battle, always tired and never having slept properly. Trying to get through the day trying to maintain a somewhat positive outlook is always a struggle. Trying through the day is a struggle full stop. And then when bed time looms trying to fall asleep is the biggest struggle of all. Are all these struggles really worth it?


38 thoughts on “Struggles

  1. I’d suggest trying something different during the day. Try something new, it doesn’t have to be anything too difficult or anything that costs a lot of money, just something that breaks the cycle in which you have found yourself in.
    I do this at least once a week and I find it helps. πŸ™‚

  2. Life is a constant struggle and sometimes you are so tired from fighting you want to just give up and don’t see the point of all the extra effort but trust me uve got to try because once you let ur guards down that’s wen ur sucked down that big familar hole of depression and its so hard to get out of and it makes you feel 10 times worse…you’ve got to keep fighting to make life worth living, to try and look at life with a positive attitude or try to each day and things will start to turn around for you. I’m just recovering from a nervous breakdown and it was so unbelievably hard but with help from different people and my sheer determination I am getting better, looking at things with less of a negative attitude and I Grem some good things are coming my way…xxxxx

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