Self harm

Having serious self harm urges tonight. Haven’t had them in ages as well. I just hope I can stay strong. I have a feeling I have a bad nights sleep ahead 😐



21 thoughts on “Self harm

  1. Find something else to do, maybe go be with someone else. Have something take your mind off of it…I just started cutting again recently and it ended up being a very bad path…I hope you’re able to resist and find something else to do!

  2. Hun I hope u stay strong and don’t listen to the urges I was suggested that wen u feel like that to drink am ice cold pint of water as it calms you down why don’t u try it. I’m here if u want to talk Hun ill help you through this. 🙂 email me or add me on Facebook I’m happy to talk to you anytime xxxx

  3. Keep strong hunni, I understand how hard it is. Just hang in there, ur not alone. Have hope that the feelings will pass sooneror later, they have to. xx

  4. Not many people understand self harm but at least we do, we know when someone cuts it means alot more than the mark that shows… ❤ i know how u feel hun… :*

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