One of those nights…

Tonight’s one of those nights where I just want to shut off everyone and everything and just lay in bed and cry. Nothing’s triggered me…nothing’s happened….but I just wanna sleep the next few days again. Oh how I HATE this feeling. Random lows I have kind of expected, but this feeling feels a million times worse than those lows…and I don’t even know why. What is wrong with me?!



18 thoughts on “One of those nights…

  1. NOTHING is wrong with you. More people than will admit it get to feeling like this. For no reason, you begin to feel sad… then that deepens into misery… then you feel so low that you just want to cry and not talk to anyone ever again. I know EXACTLY what you mean. But just know that these feelings do pass, and although they may come back again, they don’t last forever.
    Keep writing, keep getting it out, it’s why I started my journal blog, to express those exact feelings. And when the opposite happens, and for no reason you feel buoyed and happy (I get that too) enjoy those times and ride the wave of brightness.

  2. Don’t worry about feeling like this you will at some time or another, it is perfectly normal its a natural way of shifting or getting rid of old built up emotions. xxx you need to talk to more about your feelings instead of letting them build up. xxx

      • I feel like this all to often but it is a sign of two things, deprived sleep and bottled up emotions, so I am gradually learning to deal with it, I’m trying to get earlier nights sleep (even though its hard kicking my fiancee off the playstation before 10pm but I am TRYING and going to give him a kick up the bum soon), and to talk about my feelings to people a little at a time instead of letting them build up obviously to the right person. How have you been feeling lately? Agitated, down? xxx

      • To be honest, early nights never happen. And even when I do, I sleep horrible :s not been agitated as such, but a little down and finding it very hard to focus to be honest, which is getting to me. How have you been? X

      • Iv’e been feeling exactly the same, I know that I need early nights but I can’t get to sleep early all the time, but I have found that with my electric blanket and putting lavendar oil on my pillow it has helped me dose of quite early a few times but only when I am knackered, it helps me relax but getting an early night when I’m not exhausted is proving hard, but I am going to keep trying. My concentration is quite bad as well, I can’t read as much as I used to without getting distracted of moving about, but I hope if i keep trying it will get better, my memory is gradually getting better through reading. I hope this will work for you too.. Its just something you have to work on I’m afraid as hard as it is! But it will get better! xxxx

  3. i can relate to this one.. getting low for no reason…tats when i just want to be in my room for as long as possible…best remedy music, choc icecream, doing something nice (in my case working on my story)…

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