I am not depression

“Yes i self-harm. Yes i contemplate suicide. Yes i have depression. Yes i have anxiety. Yes i am a mental health patient.

But that is not WHO I AM.

All that is an illness not a choice.

Recognise it as a illness.

It’s something i’m trying to recover from slowly.

Nothing heals overnight, some things take years, some weeks.

My illness needs time too.

If your ill, don’t be so hard on yourself, take it a step at a time, sometimes i have to take it an hour at a time, i get so scared of the future and the time ahead of me, but stop, think of only the next hour, and after that hour the next. It’s okay to be poorly.

Lets recover together.”


This is from s1mpl33m33’s blog, and I love it. All credit goes to them. 


5 thoughts on “I am not depression

  1. If this is a silly comment please just ignore it but I sometimes think the self harm sometimes protects you from intense feelings that are too overwhelming to bear. I do not know how dangerous or harmful it is. But you are right – you are ever so much more than this, you are you, and no one can take that away from you! Take care, and look after yourself, even if you have hurt yourself…and try not to do anything too dangerous…:)

  2. It is so hard sometimes to separate the depression from who you are as person that you identify your self with the feelings as your self worth. Thanks.

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