Self help books in the treatment of depression

Interesting article on the use of self help books in the treatment of depression. I can definitely understand how these books may be beneficial, as it may provide help mechanisms. From my experience, help mechanisms can only do so much though, so it does depend on the cause of the depression as to whether this works on the individual or not. And of course on how much the individual is willing to help themselves and actively put into practise what the books may say. As mentioned in the article, books alongside other treatments for depression, in my opinion, would be the most beneficial.


2 thoughts on “Self help books in the treatment of depression

  1. For me personally I found that reading books by and about other depression sufferers really helped. It adds an element of “I’m not alone” and makes me feel like other people experience the depression in the same way. The book I found most helpful was “On the Edge of Darkness” by Kathy Cronkite. I just loved how there are interviews with people who have overcome depression, which gave me hope that it can be beaten more permanently, and with people who are still struggling with it, which made me feel like I’m not so alone. There were also some interviews with healthcare professionals which are wonderful reminders that the depression is not your own fault, it’s, most often, caused by biology rather than some fundamental flaw in you as a person. I would totally recommend checking the book out.

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