Good day

Another day where I can definitely say the majority of the day has been positive (even with it consisting of a ten hour shift stuck at work!). I applied for a job sometime this week, as an attempt to make more positive changes this year, and today I found out that I have got an interview for the job on Wednesday! I couldn’t be more chuffed. I am SO nervous though. I am awful at interviews. I get so nervous and shy, and just end up messing it up. I’m going to spend the next three days preparing as much as I can for this interview though. I know I can do this job, I just need to persuade the interviewer that I can as well. I hope all the work will pay off….fingers crossed!

If I do end up getting this job, it would just be another positive factor to help me make this year the year that changes my life. My brother and I have agreed that when I do finally make all the changes I want in my life (lose weight, make progress career-wise and complete this recovery) we will both get tattoos. I’m so excited 🙂 I know it’s not going to be anytime soon, but it’s yet another incentive and something to give my motivation.


4 thoughts on “Good day

  1. Great post. I wish you all the best and truely hope that you can keep up your motivation and should it flaunk one day – then not beet yourself up about it and just get back on track:)

    All the best,

    Ulla (

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