Today and tomorrow

Today has turned out surprisingly well, considering how it started. It started with work, which consisted of seven hours of sitting doing nothing, as there were no customers. Doesn’t sound bad right? Wrong….sitting doing nothing means I’m left alone with my thoughts and that’s not the best thing. With nothing to do, my mind drives to overthinking and the result is never good.

Thankfully I was actively trying to force myself not to think negatively. Following work, I had planned to go see a mate, as I had a few hours to kill before doing something in the evening, but all this overthinking had led me to not feel very social. I did, however, force myself to go and see my friend and my god daughter, which I’m glad I did, because when I’m there I always have a great time and never regret going. The two of them always put a smile on my face and my visits are always full of laughs. It’s just the depression taking grip which leads me to naturally feel antisocial and not like making effort, but thankfully today I didn’t let it win. And again, I’m not gonna let it win, as I’m off out with another friend in a few minutes.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will have another good day and I will force myself out of bed and to go to complete changing my doctor. I hope I manage to get up and get there. This will be another step to work towards continuing towards recovery, and the sooner I do that the better. May need some encouragement to actually go to the doctors and register. I don’t know why, but I just wanting to put it off in my mind, even though I definitely shouldn’t.


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