Fizzy drinks ‘linked to depression’

Interesting article


6 thoughts on “Fizzy drinks ‘linked to depression’

  1. I quit drinking fizzy drinks two Novembers ago and the change was remarkable. My face stopped being so puffy looking and I felt much better. Also my cramps from PMS have disappeared for the most part. I will have one maybe once a month, but that’s it and really I don’t miss it all.

  2. Um, I think when looking at this study we have to take into account that the results may not indicate cause and effect (i.e. fizzy drinks make you depressed), but rather correlation (e.g., people who are depressed are more likely to drink fizzy drinks; or any other example).

    I’ve almost never drank fizzy drinks (unless beer counts?) but that’s more for general health reasons and because I actually don’t like them that much.

    Honestly, in my uninformed opinion, I think that “fizzy drinks” pose more of a threat to overall health—as sassyfrassylassie mentions—rather than of causing depression.

    Seriously people, don’t beat yourselves up over this.

    With love, and respect, Emily

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