That’s what today is. I’m not feeling down or depressed as such….but I am still feeling like I’m struggling. I have coursework I need to do by Wednesday, and I have attempted it so many times, but have got nowhere. I am struggling to concentrate and can’t get anything written. I honestly don’t know if I am going to get this done on time. I just want to crawl into bed and pretend that this coursework doesn’t exist and pretend that is doesn’t need to be done. I wish I had something to help me concentrate and help me feel motivated because at this moment of time….I have nothing.


2 thoughts on “Struggle

  1. When I found myself in a struggle and I couldn’t really think about anything no more than an hour or two into my future, I felt very inadequate and powerless. One day, while struggling again… I had an analytical moment in which I tried to look deep inside the real meaning of “struggle.” Here is what I discovered.

    If I can say that I am struggling, then I must have hope of something better…
    If I have hope for something better, then I am headed in the right direction…
    If I am headed in the right direction, then my journey has begun, and I WILL struggle to get there.

    Be well and be in touch. Ted

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