2013 is going to be the year where I do everything I can to beat this depression once and for all. This is NOT going to beat me!

The beginning may be tough and I’m probably having to force myself to do things I haven’t done before, like reaching out for help when I feel low, but I need to do it….it’s for my own good.

Hopefully self harming will become a thing of the past. I’m fed up of always having to wear long sleeves and fear who may see my cuts and my scars. Each of my cuts and my scars represent a battle I have lost….with the past, with myself, with a blade….but they are now going to be my war wounds to show how I have fought and come out the other side.

I am going to give 2013 everything I have got, making the most of every opportunity I get, and doing so in an enthusiastic and positive way, and with the amazing support and help I have from my friends and my family, hopefully 2013 will be the year that changes my life….will be a year I never forget….will be MY year


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