Symptoms of depression

Found this online as symptoms of depression. If I was to be honest, I think all of them apart from one or two apply to me 😐 although I don’t think this is a new thing. I think I have had these feelings present for the last two/three years. Maybe I’ve just lived in denial. Or maybe I just hid them from everyone….including myself

    Emotions or feelings

Feeling sad, guilty, upset, numb or despairing
Losing interest or enjoyment in things
Crying a lot or unable to cry when a truly sad event occurs
Feeling alone even if you are in company
Feeling angry and irritable about the slightest things

    Physical or Bodily Signs

Sleep problems
Feeling worse at a particular time of day – usually mornings
Changes in weight, appetite and eating


Losing confidence in yourself
Expecting the worst and having negative or gloomy thoughts
Thinking that everything seems hopeless
Thinking you hate yourself
Poor memory or concentration


Having difficulty in making decisions
Can’t be bothered to do everyday tasks
Putting things off
Not doing things you used to enjoy


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